Bodie is a dancer first appearing in Dance Central 2. He is part of the Riptide crew with Emilia.  


He is around 23. Also, he is a fitness fanatic who not only enjoys dancing, but basketball as well (as seen by his crew outfit). He's friendly cheerful,attractive, kind, outgoing, and believes that everyone has untapped potential in them. Aside from being a fitness fanatic, he's a dancer in the Riptide crew with his best friend, Emilia.

Dance Central 2: Edit

  • Crew Look: Jersey over a long sleeve, vest, white and red basketball shorts, knee pad, lanyard w/ whistle, white sneakers and a wristband. He also has a lifeguard ID dangling from his waist.
  • Street Style: Yellow flannel shirt, torn gray jeans, red shoes, anklet, wooden bead bracelet, black necklace, and sunglasses hanging from his belt loop.

Dance Central 3Edit

  • Retro Fitted (00's): Grey coat with white jeans and white shoes.
  • DCI Agent: Bodie's original hair from DC2 shown on this outfit. Bodie wears black sunglasses and a bracelet on his left arm. He wears a purple button up shirt with stripped dress pants and vest. He also wears a silver tie and dress shoes.

Dance Central Spotlight : Edit

He wears a red and white sleeveless hooded sweater with the number 80 and blue joggers that have race stripes on the side, which he pulls up to his calves. He gets a new haircut (cropped). He wears black high tops with yellow on the side, and tops off the outfit with a blue cap hanging on the back. He also wears a black elbow pad on his right elbow and a black fingerless glove on his right hand. Similar to the Crew Look outfit.

Character Creation:

With Riptide we took what we established with Emilia in the original Dance Central to create an athletic, sporty, and competitive crew. In Dance Central 2 Emilia’s been paired with a new character – Bodie. He’s the everyman who’s super positive, friendly, and outgoing. To reflect athleticism, we gave him attire that suggests he’d probably spend his time hanging on the boardwalk, shooting hoops, or enjoying time on the beach. Riptide’s crew outfits represent their pairing and image as a crew. They wear matching colors and have a similar sporty style. Characters in Dance Central 2 will additionally have outfit unlocks showing off their street style that will reflect their unique personalities outside of their crews. In the case of Riptide’s outfit unlocks, Bodie might sport something casual while Emilia’s tomboyish-ness will come out


General Information:

Name: Bodie J. Crawford

Nicknames: B,Bo

Hobbies: Get to the gym daily, relax on the beach, hang with buds, play basketball, dance.  

Blood Type: A+,'cause positivity is in his blood,y'all!

Birthday: November 23rd