Quad City DJ's - Get on Up and Dance

C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) is a song by Quad City DJ's and is featured in Dance Central. It is performed by Dare in Dance Central and Li'l T in Dance Central 2.



Easy Medium Hard

Back Scrub Down Sequence (Back Scrub Down/ Back Scrub Up)

x x
Boxer Sequence (Boxer / Blocker) x x
Chugga Chugga x x x
Hook Up x x
Kick It x x
Pony x x
Propeller x x
Ride It Back Sequence (Ride It Back / Ride It Forward / Ride It Back / Ride It Forward) x x x
Shoulderpede Sequence (Shoulderpede / Shoulder Pads / Shoulderpede / Shoulder Pads) x
Shrug x x x
Ticker x x x
Woo Woo 1 x x x
Woo Woo 2 x x x

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