Soulja Boy - Souljaboytellemdotcom

Crank That (Soulja Boy) is a song by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and is featured in Dance Central. It is performed by Mo in both games. From Soulja Boy's debut album, This song is with a 3/7 difficulty rating.



Easy Medium Hard
Cocky x
Crank Dat x x x
Don't Hate x x x
Jock x x
Jump Off x
Kneeslapper x x
Lean & Rock 1 x
Lean & Rock 2 x x x
Lean Left Crank Sequence (Lean Left Crank / Crank Dat Still) x
Punch Out x x x
Push Pop x x
Robocop x x x
Show 'em Up x x x
Supah Man x x x
Tough Guy x

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