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Dance Central Wiki has the characters, dances, cheats, and more of the Kinect game! Anyone can add and edit any of the information on the site about the game, so why don't you jump in! Please use correct information with sources please. Please note the Wikia is a work in progress.

What is Dance Central?
Dance Central is a music video game for the XBOX 360 that uses the Kinect motion peripheral. The game was developed by the Harmonix, the creator of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, and is a launch title for Kinect.

Dance Central 2 was officially announced at E3 2011 and later released in October 2011

Dance Central 3 was officially announced at E3 2012 and was released in October 2012. Dance Central 3 shown songs from yesterday and today, with New Kids on the Block to Justin Bieber.

Featured Article
Dance Central 3 is the latest game in the Dance Central series of games. Dance Central 3 will feature over 40 songs with a focus on songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. A new mode will be the Crew Throwdown mode, where two teams of up to four go head-to-head in a series of performances, dance battles & mini-games. More...
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E3 2012 Dance Central 3 - E3 Trailer(01:25)
  • This a picture of glitch in his crew look in Dance Central 2
  • Maccoy in Dance Central 3
About Dance Central and Its Characters!

Dance Central''s characters are colored by a wide range of dance genres and street styles. What might be less evident is that it’s just as likely that the characters have their roots in Street Fighter II as much as, say, the seminal dance film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

“A big influence on early character development and, to a degree, the venue design, was inspired by versus-style fighting games,” says Dance Central lead character artist Matt Perlot, who started his work at Harmonix designing rockers for Guitar Hero IIfive years ago. “Our ‘fighters’ are the dancers, but instead of cracking skulls, the 'Dance Central' crew are busy cut’n rugs ”

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Dance Central Characters Fans:Edit

Bodie Fans: 25,781

Glitch Fans: 25,746

Angel Fans: 25,698

Emilia Fans: 24,343

Mo Fans: 24,339

Aubrey Fans: 24,246

Taye Fans: 23,613

Oblio Fans: 23,612

Lil' T Fans: 23,588

Maccoy Fans: 22,197

Dare Fans: 22,324

Jaryn Fans: 22,165

Kerith Fans: 22,098

Dr. Tan Fans: 21,634

If you're a fan of one of these dancers, feel free to add yourself!

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