Dare is a party animal-fashionista that is unlocked in the beginning. She has pink hair, a British accent, and neon clothing. She has two outfits, one unlockable.

Name: Dare P. Batheson

Hobbies: Throwing parties, recovering after parties.

Interests: DIY fashion, decent hair dye, doner kebabs at half-past two.

Favorite Movie: DJ Purr’s Daydream Candy Warehouse Compilation

Biggest Dream: To make serious money from being fabulous without ever having a desk job or wearing a suit.

Blood Type: B+… a good way to live your life, right?


Dance CentralEdit

Neon Dreams:

Silvery gray dress with a diagonal geometric neon pattern and a dot texture, inverted heart glasses, earphones, silver lesbian, bracelets, and green rain boots.

DIY Couture:

Yellow and pink striped arm socks, a pink midriff tank top, wide blue pants with an undone green belt precariously pulled down on one side that show her black underwear, a little stuffed animal (somewhat resembling Max from Sam and Max: Freelance Police) attached to her hip, and black sneakers. She wears also pearl strands around her sock sleeves but showing her thumbs.

Dance Central 3Edit

Crew Look (D-Coy):

Same as DC1 DIY Couture but without pearl strands around her sock sleeves and thumbs are covered.

Under Control:

Same as crew look, but with a mind-control helmet.

Trivia Edit

    • SPOILER ALERT!! She was mind-controlled by Dr.Tan in DC3 with Maccoy and Oblio.

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