Hi-Def is the 4th crew encountered on Dance Central 2. It's an all-male group composed of Mo (the leader) and Glitch. Their stage is Inbound, the subway station. Their theme is technology, pop culture and hip-hop. 

They specialize in R&B, like Ne-Yo's Closer, electro like Daft Punk's Technologic, modern like Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber, and street dance like You're a Jerk.

Their backup dancers are (Mo's) a brown haired Caucasian wearing a magenta tank top, black shorts, and hi-tops, and the other (Glitch's) is a bald African-American with a yellow headband, a green tank, black shorts, and green hi-tops.

They are the second crew with a younger dancer, the other being Flash4wd, with lil' T

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