Kichi is the blue ninja in the crew called "Ninja" crew, along with Shinju, the pink ninja. Kichi has wolverine-like claws attached to her hands along with the typical ninja attire. She had a long, dark brown ponytail and blue eyes and looks quite fierce. She doesn't speak, but does Kung fu when she's impressed, or bows.She also has green eyes.

Dance Central 2Edit

It was announced that if Harmonix reached 10,000 facebook fans, the players would be able to play as the Ninja crew. The Ninja crew was released on May 1st, 2012.

Dance Central 3Edit

The Ninja crew is an unlockable character in Dance Central 3. It is unspecified which level they are unlocked at, but it is usually one of the later levels along with the Icon and D-CYPHER crews.

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