Lil' T






African American


Taye (sister)






October 30

Eye color

bright green


Li'l T.

Li'l T is the Flash4wrd Crew's sassy and energetic 13-year-old, who—much like her older sister, Taye—has a lot of attitude and isn't afraid to show it. She and Taye are very friendly though.

Quotes Edit

  • Ooh cutie! Work that swurve!
  • That's right! You gotta shake what your mama gave ya!
  • We've got one thing in common. All of this talent!
  • That was hot! With 2 t's! Ha just like us!
  • Ey check it! When you bring it down like that, you make everybody look good!
  • You can bring it with Flash4ward anytime boo!


Dance Central 2Edit

Crew Look (Flash4wrd):

She is shown to be wearing gray denim skinny leggings with a design of gold "T"s and sparkles, a white belt, a green sleeveless blouse with a baggy turtleneck with Flash4wrd's color signature colors on her jacket. In the back of her jacket there is an embedded gray "T". She is shown wearing black and green wrist bands and a gold bangel on her left hand and a silver bracelet on her other hand. Her shoes are yellow, green, purple and white shoes similar to Nike's with white laces. She also wears silver hoop earrings. The gray and gold hat she is wearing belongs to Taye in the original Dance Central. She is also wearing a ELIOT keychain.

Street Style:

She is shown to be wearing a lavender shirt and in the front says Li'l T in gold, light blue denim torn capris, pink and purple converse and light purple socks. Also, on both arms, she has bundles of colorful pattern of wrist bands. Her hair is in pigtails as shown in her Flash4wrd look, and instead of wearing hoops she wears silver tear drop earrings.

Dance Central 3Edit

Retro Fitted (90's):

She has a blue cap with a yellow and black button on it. In her outfit, she is shown to be wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with lots of badges, and under that shirt is a green quarter-sleeved shirt. Lil' T has a yellow and purple striped wristband on her wrist. She also wears blue jeans, red and green socks, and black shoes. She also has a tiny yellow bag on her waist.

DCI Agent:

She wears purple shoes, a purple skirt with silver leggings and a school jacket. She wears also the peacock earring on her left ear.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Character creation:

Perlot: The theme of Crew Challenge is repping for crews and earning respect among the city’s best dancers, so crews are all matched based on personalities we either already touched upon in the original Dance Central or new relationships between characters in Dance Central 2. In the case of Flash4wrd we have Taye from the first game and her little sister, Lil’ T, who along with Glitch represent younger dancers in the game. She’s following in her sister’s footsteps.

Battilana: Flash4wrd is a crew with lots of attitude. You probably remember Taye from the original Dance Central as one of the more strong-willed characters in the game. With the addition of Lil’ T we now have these young superstars that not only reflect younger players, but also help break things up visually from a design standpoint. In the original Dance Central all of the characters seemed to be the exact same size since you never really saw them together standing side by side.

Name: Tia Lea Cohen.

Nicknames: T, Li'l T

Hobbies: Chillin’ with my home girls and making up dance routines. 

Interests: Going to the movies, block parties, and making new steps.


Trivia Edit

  • In Dance Central 2, Taye reveals that Lil' T still sleeps with a nightlight.

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