Makuro is a DJ robot with plastic blue hair who was unlocked in Dance Central 2 by earning 100,000,000 stars, but accidently dropped for unknown reasons. He is the opposite of Sakura and based off MacCoy, but with headphones on his ears and no goggles.


Crew Look - Black and gray headphones (on his head), silver & blue jacket with red bands, blue pants, and blue sneakers with dark red laces.



He is a friendly robot who reaches his goals. He is not built by Dr. Tan.


Five or Golden StarsEdit

  • "You are 100% legit. What what!"
  • "That was better than awesome! That was– are you kidding me?"
  • "Okay okay, now that's a hit performance, ya heard?"
  • "Love what you did there; when you did what you did, with the thing."

Four or Three StarsEdit

  • "Can you defy gravity? 'Cause nothing is keeping you down!"
  • "Yeah, yeah! It's all about keeping it real."

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