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Miss Aubrey (often called simply as 'Aubrey') is a character in Dance Central, Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. Aubrey and Angel are the co-founders and leaders of: Lu$h Crew. Birthday: October 20th


Somewhat aloof and egocentric, Aubrey takes her dancing very seriously and is extremely competitive. In fact; despite officially sharing leadership of the the Lu$h Crew with Angel, she appears to be the one in charge and Angel the second in command.


Dance CentralEdit

School Daze:

White blouse, black shorts, red suspenders, knee socks (black, white, and gray diamonds), and black headband and black flats.


Gold dress with black belt, black headband, and black strap flats

Dance Central 2Edit

Crew Look (Lu$h):

Blue sailor suit with gold buttons, red belt, red strappy flats, black headband with white line, and two bracelets: 1. White with blue line. 2.Chain with anchor charm.

Street Style:

A one-piece white sleeveless zip-up suit, pink scarf, sunglasses on her head and black thigh-high boots.

Dance Central 3Edit

DCI Outfit:

She wears open-chested agent outfit with big belt with somewhat a communicator on her left wrist. Her footwear is black thigh-high boots. Her agent glasses was on her head.

Retro Fitted (70's):

She wears flower petal printed V-neck shirt with red scarf. She wears high-waisted shorts with belt. She wears gold bracelets in her left wrist. Her footwear is red strappy sandals. Her hairstyle is auburn retro flare.

Dance Central: SpotlightEdit

DC Retro:

She wears a green shirt with gold circles on it, shorts that she wore in the School Daze outfit, a French hat, a gold chain on her left hand, green socks, and gold shoes.


5 starsEdit

"You can try to top that. You won't, but you can try. I even impress myself from time to time."

"Good luck to whoever's following that performance. Honestly I make it look easy, I really do."

"Fabulous! I'm such a great a judge of talent."

"W..Wow! Have I finally met my contemporary?"

"Finally! Someone on my level! No offence Angel."

"Two things, that was amazing and where did you get those shoes?"

"Fierce and fabulous, what a double threat!"

"How major was that? You're just so fabulous!"

"Isn't it just exhausted being this talented?"

"You are better than a bag of gluten free chips!"

4 starsEdit

"I'm confused. What qualifies a good dancer; beauty, brains, skill, some of us just have ALL."

"Hmph! I'm glad to know that I can take you places."

"That was actually kind of hot."

"You know, I always wanted a protege."

Character selectionEdit

"Hello, you reached the private line of Miss Aubrey. If this is Emilia calling to prank me again, it's not funny. Everyone else, leave a detailed message."


Miss Aubrey With Angel


  • She appears to have a strained friendship with Emilia. In the intro cinematic, they are seen talking to each other but Emilia acts with a negative reaction when Aubrey cuts her off (To kick Dare at this point). However, it is possible that the two weren't talking at all. When Aubrey is chosen as a dancer, she remarks that if it is Emilia calling to prank call her, it's not funny. It's possible that in the intro, Emilia was attempting a prank call that Aubrey simply did not fall for. Despite this, the two are seen dancing together in the outro.
  • Her primary outfit greatly resembles one worn by Britney Spears.

Character CreationEdit

Dance Central's Miss Aubrey wasn't always the fiery redheaded know-it-all fans have come to know. In fact, she started as an "avant-garde, haute-couture influenced ballerina," a far stretch from the snooty-but-talented rich girl we know today. Oh, and she was a blonde.

"We struggled with her initially," says Dance Central senior writer Helen McWilliams. "There were ideas about her being this sort of pop princess or kind of like a Clueless-style valley girl, but the more we looked at her the more we wanted her to really be a much deeper character with a deeper personality.""Initially, she was very, very haughty," adds lead character artist Matt Perlot. "We had her wearing these almost outlandish couture pieces that were mixes of business and ballet attire. She was more extreme."

Ultimately, Aubrey ended up being one of the most conventional looking characters in the game. And while many fought to keep her blonde locks, Perlot made the final call, "partly inspired" by a wide-eyed, ginger Blythe doll that sits on his desk.

Name: Anitta Jeanett Aubrey

Hobbies: Horseback riding, fencing, all forms of dance (classically trained, unlike some people who shall not be named).

Interests: Anything intellectually stimulating, private parties aboard the yacht.

Favorite Movie: There’s never sufficient time for such base amusements… but A Single Gal in Perugia is a guilty pleasure.

Best Dance Move: Are you new here? All of them

Blood Type: AB+ (the most exclusive of all blood types and hence the best).

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