"Welcome to Dance Central 3." -Rasa in the intro of the game.


Rasa is one of the two agents of Dance Central Intelligence (DCI), the other being his partner Lima. He first appeared in Dance Central 3 and plays an important role throughout the plot of the story. You actually find out he was the person speaking to you through the boombox the whole time. He then tells you that he and Lima were tracking you with the help of 'Boomy', the nickname for the boombox. Also, he seems very picky about his uniform as said in Personality.


Rasa, an agent of DCI (Dance Central Intelligence).

Name: Roscoe Wilson

Birthday: October 16th ( The day Dance Central 3 came out! ) 

Height: 5'11


Not much is known about his personality, but based on the intro of the game, it is safe to assume Rasa takes his job as an agent with the most upright regards i.e. straightening his tie, slicking his hair and brushing off his suit. This could also mean, however, that he holds up his image in the best respects. Rasa also works with DCI,and he is always trying to foil Dr Tan's evil  plans.

Outfits Edit

  • DCI Agent : He wears black shoes, black jeans, a black suit and a purple and black stripped necktie.
  • Under Control : He wears his DCI Agent outfit with a purple brainwashing headset.