DC2 Sakura
Sakura is a cherry blossom robot with plastic magenta hair who was unlocked in Dance Central 2 by earning 100,000,000 stars, but accidently dropped for unknown reasons. She is based on the robot "Sakura Best Friend Robot" created by ToyQuest.


Crew Look - pink bra, maroon backpack with pink sides, magenta pants with red pinstripe, silver boots and magenta headband



She is a friendly robot who reaches her goals. She is not built by Dr. Tan.

Product DescriptionEdit

Link Here: [1]

Fashioned for friendship and wired for loyalty, Sakura is a cyber friend designed just for girls. The robot may become the most trustworthy friend you will ever have as she keeps your secrets well hidden. If you tell her a secret, she will listen to you and record it. She won't tell anyone unless you use the special key to unlock it again. A groovy, solar-powered keychain is also included for keeping your key.
Sakura can speak thanks to her memory chip, and she wants to share cool facts she knows, tell you a joke, give you a fashion pointer, compliment you, and more. Communicating is a little more interactive when you ask "yes" or "no" questions and hear for Sakura’s response. As you two chat, her eyes and mouth will light up, providing emotional input. When the conversation runs out but you still want to play, Sakura can play five different music tunes and dance.
Sakura comes with a base that offers even more fun play options. You can place her on it and use the remote control to steer her around your room. Or you can watch as she performs ballet (or figure skating) moves to her music. This kind of bonding is only found with the truest of friends.

From the Manufacturer (ToyQuest)Edit

The first robot designed for girls! Sakura is programmed to be a girl's best friend. She knows lots of really cool things. She can tell you fun jokes, fashion tips and even your fortune. Sakura also gives you compliments - she always knows exactly what to say. But what Sakura does best is keeps secrets! Just turn her key in the remote to record your secrets. She won't tell anyone your secret unless you put the key back in the remote. Sakura also comes with a remote controlled cruiser. She dances to five different songs.


Five or Golden StarsEdit

  • "More like party central, and I like guys!"
  • "You are killing me with those moves, oh, so good!"

Four or Three StarsEdit

  • "What can I say, you can't argue with scores like that!"
  • "Now I don't know why you wake up that good, that takes work!"


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