Shinju (previously named Ttiw Tolrep) is a pink ninja. To unlock, put in L, U, X, U, R, Y on the controls. He is shown wearing a pink ninja robe and holding wooden nunchucks in both hands. His backup dancers are regular black ninjas. He doesn't talk. It is presumed that he will return in DC2 when you and the community reaches 11,000 fans on Facebook. In Dance Central 2 *SPOILER ALERT!!!!* his new name is Shinju. He is in the Ninja Crew alongside his partner Kichi (Blue Ninja)

Dance CentralEdit

No matter how the outfit is shown, the ninja will not be Oblio.

According to the official Dance Central website, the ninja is not Oblio, but rather a distinct character dubbed "Ttiw Tolrep". The name is composed of the surnames of the character's designers, Shawn Witt and Matthew Perlot, spelled backwards.[5] The name is Ttiw Terlop.

Dance Central 2Edit

In Dance Central 2, Ttiw Tolrep will returs with a blue female ninja as his crew partner. In order to unlock both of them, the DC community must link their facebook accounts to the DC2 Challenge app. The community needs 11,000 fans to unlock the crew.


  • Ninja Crew
    His name is from the designers' names spelled backwards.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Creation:
  • The result was the Pink Ninja, Ttiw Tolrep, which spells "Perlot Witt" backwards, after two of the game's artists Shawn Witt and Matthew Perlot.

"We wanted the vibe of [Dance Central] to feel serious about dance, yet playful with a bit of a 1980s flavor," explains Matheson.

"In the 80s, ninjas finally got their due recognition as destroyers of all competition, and it only seemed right that the ultimate dance ninja -- no longer needing to hide in the shadows - would have a flare for fashionable color choice."

(Bonus tip! Pink Ninja Twiw Tolrep can be unlocked by using a controller to input "Left, Up, X, Up, Right, Y" on Dance Central's title screen.) Just pick a song and play. He will be there as the default dancer. (Do not try to find him, just pick a song and play without even clicking on the dancer menu). If you are not hearing the "gong" sound, than you must be entering the code wrong.

  • thumb|300px|right|Pink Ninja

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