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Gender: Female

Birthday:March 9

Appears in : 4 games

First Appearance: Dance Central

Last Appearance: Dance Central:Spotlight

Height: 5.8

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Taye is one of the main protagonists of Dance CentralDance Central 2 and Dance Central 3. In both Dance Central 2 and Dance Central 3, she is affiliated with the Flash4wrd Crew alongside her younger sister, Li'l T


Dance CentralEdit

Street Chic:

Taye is shown wearing a gold necklace with "Taye" written in cursive and wears a body fitting letterman jacket possibly hinting she plays a sport. She wears a grey and yellow Seattle Mariners hat.She also has a belt with her name in gold


Taye is shown wearing green shorts and on the left leg written in gold is her name in cursive. She doesn't wear a hat so her short hair is in tiny braids pulled back.

Dance Central 2Edit

Crew Look (Flash4wrd):

Taye is shown wearing gold jewelry, a green jacket, a yellow shirt with a "T" inscribed on it, a white belt, skinny jeans with "*Taye*" inscribed on it, and white shoes with green shoelaces with sequins attached. Her hair is a mohawk with a purple streak on it.

Street Style Look:

Taye is wearing gold jewelry, a denim vest, a navy blue/black crop top, a black belt, white distressed jeans, and red cowboy boots. She also has the same hair as her Flash4wrd look.

Dance Central 3Edit

Retro Fitted (90's):

She wears her yellow jacket with purple stripes and blue jeans. She also wears sneakers.

DCI Agent:

She wears a purple tank top with black pants. She also wears black shoes with white flowers. Her hair is the same as in DC2 but the pink streak is curled

Dance Central SpotlightEdit

DC Retro:

She wears a hat, shorts, white jacket and sneakers. She also has green hair. Edit

Quotes Edit

  • How'd you not get caught sneaking around with all that swag.
  • It's all about you, boo. All. About. You.
  • And that's how you come correct!
  • Hey now look at you! Some kinda superstar,huh?

Character CreationEdit

Taye -- Dance Central’s resident homegirl, with her name emblazoned on her golden earrings and belt buckle -- in tap shoes? It almost happened. Early on, the designers considered putting tap shoes on her feet, “as if her mom made her take lessons.” Another early option: a bulky letterman’s jacket.

“I had envisioned her as like a very early high school-aged girl,” explains Perlot. “I drew her with an oversized letterman’s jacket, as if she had borrowed it from her boyfriend.”But as the team polished Taye’s design, the tap 

shoes were replaced with more urban kicks, and the letterman’s jacket tossed for a tighter garment that seemed to better fit the character’s personality. “She’s got her own style, and is very much her own person,” says Perlot, although when it came to her sound, Senior Writer Hellen McWilliams heard a familiar voice: Missy Elliot.

“I actually really wanted her to have this smooth, laid-back voice,” recalls McWilliams. But when the team started mingling with one of the game’s choreographers, Chanel Thompson, her big personality seemed like a more appropriate for the evolving Taye. When it came to casting, the directive was clear: find an actor that reminded them of the spirited choreographer.  *Like Aubrey, Taye went through a few revisions before materializing as the fiery, self-assured character that fans have come to love. (Dance Central Facebook fans love to post “Taye Taye all the way from New York, to LA!” when she’s featured on the page).

  • As the team refined her design the jacket shrunk to become a piece of clothing that was obviously Taye’s own. “She’s got her own style, and is very much her own person,” Perly commented. As Taye’s in-game style of dancing (and snapshot above) hint, she’s also got a bit of a secret, in terms of her dance background. “We actually thought about putting tap shoes on her, as if her mom made her take lessons,” Perly and Hellion told us.
  • When it came time to voicing Taye in-game there were some varying opinions about how she would sound. “I actually really wanted her to have this smooth, laid-back, voice,” Hellion said. “I was thinking she would maybe sound a little like Missy Elliot.” The rest of the team, however, wanted Taye’s voice to really relate that despite her small size, she’s got a big personality.
  • When Chanel, one of the Dance Central choreographers, first met with the team, many of them drew an instant connection between her and the DC character. “We really felt like Taye would probably be very much like Chanel, so when we went into casting we actually looked for an actor that reminded us of her.”

Name: Ravenna Marie-Taye

Nicknames: Raven, T, Crash, Taye or Forward Girl.

Hobbies: Chillin’ with my home girls and making up routines. Used to take tap lessons, but that’s over with.

Interests: Going to the movies, block parties, and making cookies with the nieces and nephews. What? Gotta keep family close!

Favorite Movie: La Cosa Nostra from 1976.

Biggest Pet Peeve: When your take-out order gets screwed up and you’re already back home before you figure it out. Enough to drive a person crazy.

Blood Type: O+

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