The Glitterati is a dance crew that first appeared on Dance Central 2 that is composed of the twins leaders Kerith and Jaryn. It is the best crew in the city.

The Glitterati
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Vital statistics
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Gender Male (Kerith)

Female (Jaryn)

Race human
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Status Alive
Location Skyscraper
Glitterati Crew

The Glitterati and their logo.

Roles in the Games Edit

Dance Central 1 Edit

The Glitterati With a crew and eliot.

Dance Central 2 Edit

The Glitterati are the second to last crew in the Player challenges. Unlike the other Crews, the Glitterati provide no positive feedback. Even compliments have some underlined insult to them. Before even meeting them, the other crews give hints about them, except Lu$h:


Bodie: "Some crews are nice, others..."


Taye: "Hot enough to take on the Glitterati Twins?"
Lil' T: "Let me get at it, I ain't scared of some pale primadramas living in a skyscraper."
Taye: "Yeah, say that again to night girl, without your nightlight."


Glitch: "You spying for the Glitterati? Trying to jack our swag?"
Mo: " those top of the tower freaks can't bite our style, you know what I'm saying?"

Dance Central 3 Edit

In Dance Central 3.They appear in a cutsence after trapping Dr.Tan in the timestream.They appear that they are planning to bring mischief to DCI.Unlike the other games,they can't be played during story mode.Thus,they have no songs made by them.

Character Creation

Perlot:The Glitterati are my babies. Bodie was our attempt at the most approachable character inDance Central 2and The Glitterati are by far the least. With this crew we’re building a narrative of an ultimate crew in the city – an elitist crew. They have plenty of great dialogue that reflects that as well. One of Jaryn’s lines is: “I’ll take a mental picture of you…and then burn it with a match.” We actually had to cut a line that had to do with poisoning..

Perlot:When designing them we thought, “What would best represent synchrony for the perfect crew?” We decided on identical twins. Both Jaryn and Kerith are very tall and have runway/military inspired clothing. As twins they’re the ultimate crew since they’re always on the same wavelength and are most in unison.

Trivia Edit

It can be presumed that the Glitterati will be antagonists in the newest Dance Central game.


Glitterati Card

Glitterati Crew Card

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